PrimaApp Theme Documentation

First of all, a big thank you for downloading this theme. This document includes a how-to guide and helpful information about options and features of the theme.

To install PrimaApp go to Appearance -> Themes -> Add New and then either search for PrimaApp to install it directly from the WordPress theme directory, or you can upload the Zip file and then hit install if you have downloaded the Zip file already.

After installing the theme click on Activate link. Once activated, the theme asks you to download two recommended plugins: WPT demo importer, Elementor and Contact Form 7.

The WPT demo importer plugin is a one click demo import plugin to help you import demo files quickly and easily.
Elementor is the page builder used to create the Home Page and Contact Form 7 plugin provides the contact form used in this theme.

After installing these plugins and run “import demo data” from Appearance menu, your site will look exactly as the Demo site, except that it contains demo titles and text which you can change them easily to add your own of course.

The demo importer adds two pages to your site : Front Page PrimaApp and Blog.
As the names indicate, the Front Page PrimaApp will be set as the Home page for your site, and the Blog page will be used to display the latest posts.

The demo adds also two blog posts: Hello World post and a test post. Feel free to delete them after import since they have no purpose from now on.

After successfully importing the demo, you can customize your theme to look how you want using the WordPress customizer.

You can find the customizer under Appearance -> Customzier.

This customizer contains all what you need to change the look of your theme like Fonts, colors and footer content.

To change theme main color, open Colors tab in the customizer and choose one of the pre-defined colors or you can add your own custom color.
When the preview looks good for you, hit publish button to save changes and reflect the new color to the live site, or simply navigate to another tab to keep customizing the site.

In the Typography tab, you can select the Headings font and the normal text font from many of available Google Fonts.
You can also select the main color of the text in the entire site. This will replace the dark color of the text with the new one, the white text color is pre-defined in the Theme.

Please note that in the Home page you have to choose some colors and fonts manually via Elementor page builder, and for some sections we use css classes and ids to achieve the look and functionality of the home page.
So please consider using the same classes and ids in your custom elementor page if you want to keep these styles and functions without changing.

Customize the Footer

Under “Footer Options” tab in the customizer, you can customize the color of the footer, the copyrights text and the footer logo.

The footer also contains the social media menu which you can specify its links from Appearance -> Menus.

PrimaApp Menus

PrimaApp provides two menu locations: the primary menu on the top of the page and the social media menu in the footer.

You can add links to the Primary menu as usual in WordPress, and PrimaApp provides a couple of special links under “PrimaApp Special Links”. Using these links you can add hyperlinks to the different sections of the home page easily and quickly.

To add links to the social menu, just add your social media account link and it will display the logo of this social media instead of the normal text.